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C.M.F. Srl is established in Cigole (Bs), Italy, at an establishment of 10,400 square meters covered and an area of 10,000 open. We work at this establishment with any kind of light and heavy carpentry; We are specialized in the creation of components and in the assembly of metal structures made, treated, assembled both from simple and pure mechanical assembly to the achievement of the realization of pneumatic systems, electrical systems, P.L.C., hydraulic and electro-hydraulic.

Our group has the main and fundamental goal of customer satisfaction; For this reason, we have been able to handle both the individual carpentry and the hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and body assembly directly and internally.

We are able to offer you completely "ALL INCLUSIVE" products, starting with design, technical development, custom custom custom pieces and finished product assembly. Of course, we are also able to match your engineers and designers to create the only products you need, from prototyping to serial production.

C.M.F. staff Is able to satisfy all customer requirements from order to delivery of finished products. The production staff consists of a number of qualified welders, some of them with a specific license. Every single stage of production is documented and controlled to ensure high quality.

We also have several workers on CNC machines (numerical control). Our production line includes large finished products as well as small products and various accessories. Produced in series is guaranteed by internally tested and certified molds. This process minimizes the difference in production between the various pieces produced.

he technical staff consists of technical designers and CAD developers working internally at the company. They can offer customer service to develop and refine their products. The executive staff is responsible for production, marketing, logistics, test controls and process quality. The sales staff deals with customer information, customer service, accounting and secretarial services.

Thanks to our organization in every single production sector, we can offer a large spectrum of lightweight and heavy duty carpentry, ensuring the best solution at every single stage of production.

CMF Carpenterie
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